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The Gleeks are all grown up with family of their own

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Name:The Gleeks are all grown up with families of their own
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RAISING GLEE ♥ raisingglee
The Gleeks are all grown up with family of their own.

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After the Gleeks fell apart in the wake of a fiery argument after graduation, some priceless friendships and relationships being lost in the explosion, life was difficult for some and near devastating for others. The group struggled without each other, and the less stubborn ones found their way back to those who truly meant the world to them, whilst others resisted the inevitable for a long, long time. Soon, though, relationships were mended and the Gleeks grew up. Things like getting solos and popularity that used to be so important in their lives because but a distant memory of the past in favour of the special things that came with growing up... love, marriage, family, and children.

Now, over fifteen years since the Gleeks walked away from McKinley High School and Lima, Ohio, they all have families of their own and have forged very different family lives for themselves. But despite the difference, once thing has remained secure since they all managed to reunite and that was their inseparable and priceless friendships that none of them will let slip through their fingers ever again.
Hummel-Anderson Family
Puckerman Family
Fabray-Smyth Family
Jones-Rutherford Family
Chang Family
Hudson Family
Hinton-Matheson Family
Fraser Family
Schuester-Rushton Family
Carter-Kaine Family
Lopez-Smyth "Family"
This is a Glee future family verse which is an AU of some facets from other verses constructed with our group of Glee RP'ers. It is a stand-alone verse and what occurs here is not bearing on anything in the other verses. It's a bit of AU fun for our players only, in a sort of "what if" the characters grew up with their own kids. We're a PSL, so not open for new members or applications.

Some of the now teenage kids are taken from other verses (where they are children or babies there), and some of the character backstories/ships here are also from other verses. No single verse is solely drawn from, which is why this is classified AU for us and a stand-alone verse of its own. The kids exist only here in this verse connected to these players and will not be played externally from this community.
Not affiliated with Glee or its creators in any way. This is for RP and fun only. No profit being made.
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